India vs Maldives in the Final

Posted on 11 December 2009 by FootballFan

Maldives  Football team

Maldives Football team

Bangladesh’s hopes of a second South Asian football trophy were scuppered on Friday when the hosts lost 1-0 to three-times champions India in the second semifinal on Friday. Sushil Kumar scored the goal from a free-kick at the 61st minute to take the last edition’s runners-up India to their second final in a row and broke the hosts’ hearts.

The Indians, who fielded their under-23 squad, will renew the battle against defending champions Maldives for regional supremacy on Sunday.

Maldives routed favourites Sri Lanka 5-1 in the first semifinal of the Bangabandhu SAFF Football Championship at Bangabandhu National Stadium.

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  1. farhan Says:

    Bangladesh coach Shahidur Rahman’s comments

    About match:

    I don’t want to say anything about the match; we lost the game, that’s all. I don’t know what happened to the boys in the field. The boys did not play well today. They were looking tired. India earned a free kick and they got the all important goal from it.

    About performance:

    I don’t understand why they didn’t play well. Their preparation was well. What I told them in the practice, they failed to show it in the field. They were committed in the practice but they presented different scenario in the match. I don’t know what was happening.

    About the crowd:

    Many days after we saw big crowed and we are sorry for them. I am happy that the people come back in the field but I am sorry for they were disappointed. In the game somebody must win and somebody has to lose. Everybody can’t win in a game together.

    About pressure:

    I won’t say anything. One or two players may be in pressure but whole team should not play like that. They were totally failure. I don’t what the reasons were.

    Indian coach Sukhwinder Singh’s comments:

    About match:

    Yesterday I told my team to be in the final and we did it. Our opponent was not able to play according to their plan and the better team of the day won the match.

    About performance:

    Boys played well today. But we played first two games as usual. Today they played as planned. The boys proved their worth in the field. We expected to play the final. We got chances and we made it.

  2. farhan Says:

    Sri Lankan trainer Sumith Wallapole’s comments

    About the match:

    First of all I would like to thank Bangladesh football federation for organizing the tournament successfully. Unfortunately we are out of the tournament. We didn’t expect Sri Lanka will be defeated this way. Maldives got 5 goals but we got one goal. At one stage the score core was 1-1.

    About Maldives:

    We couldn’t them stop because Maldives played very well. Especially Ashfaq Ali, he put us back. I think he is the most dangerous player. He is number one player in this subcontinent. He did the main damages. I congratulate Maldives coach and players for reaching final. I wish their good luck.

    About Performance:

    Our players started the match very well. We missed several chances. Availing those chances would have made a different story..

    About goal keeper:

    This is his first international tournament. He was very young. He is our best goal keeper. He was adjudged the best goalkeeper in our last local premier league. Unfortunately, he was not his best form today. We changed two players so we have no option to change him.

    Maldives coach Istvan Urbanyi’s comments

    About the match:

    The match was very exciting. The way both team played was appreciable at the end of the day Maldives were the winners.

    About goals:

    We want to score goals. But we did not expect 4 or 5 goal honestly. Keeping pressure throughout the 90 minutes, I am very happy that the way they played.

    About 2 match within 2 days:

    In Europe it is very impossible to play 2 or 3 match within 2 days. So, what is about Asia. We have strong muscle and ability. In here it is more difficult. We haven’t enough strong muscle but already played 3 or 4 matches. It is amazing. It is a great respect for country. We want India in final because we played with them once.

    About performance:

    Probably we will enjoy this night not focusing upon our opponents. Crucial moment was second goal the goal after Sri Lanka. It was the turning point of the match, it put Sri Lanka in the back foot and then we dominated the game. I think this was not Maldives best performance. They can do more.

  3. sajan, Kerala Says:

    india will win saff cup!!

  4. Maumoon A Gayoom Says:

    Maldives will never win the championship because when we running the government we were able to hire the best magicians and cult groups to blind the Indian team on the ground. Anni is a politician and not a magician

  5. Abbey Says:

    Indian football is such; they hit the ball hard and long and run behind the ball. That’s not at all a modern football game they are playing. They maybe win against Maldives on Sunday; however they cannot succeed with this kind of game in the world stage. England is also playing such a game and they also never have any success in world stage.

    Once India was also qualified in the world cup finals but the team must return home because in the whole squad only two players had shoe. Thanks to Indian industry; today they can provide shoe to all players. Shame on India on football ground because they are still playing the game then they have played 30 years ago. India must be also ashamed about the poor football in the region because India as the super giant in the region on terms of its wealth and population they haven’t done much to improve regional football performances. I believe India has much responsible role to improve regional football.

    I said India has industry, manpower and wealth but again has India a single product to compete in the world market? Certainly not and why is that? Indians are much too slow with their developments. India has also automobile industry but can they produce a single car that can be sold in the world market. No they are not. Indian cars and their models are still the same as West German models in 60s. When I am talking about world market I am talking about developed countries such as USA, Germany, France and Canada.

    Again to football regardless of the outcome on Sunday’s final Maldives team has already won the hearts of the audience because of their organised and nice match. Today modern football match is about the performance and tactic and Maldives team has that. Unfortunately India has yet to learn the modern football game.

    If everything is a bollywood film I am certain that India will win. Because nobody can beat Amitabh Bachchan

  6. Muhammadha Says:

    We are not talking about professional football.well England play there opwn english foot ball. we have fifty more years to compare with them, though they don’t succeed in after 70s.

    Neither of us in SAFF play profesional football, its not only india. Maldives either. But one thing we all have to agree is Maldives have great talented individual guys in their team. and they have very strong hop and stemina to fullfill that. they have played All the semi final in SAFF history. they have played 3 finals, and now its their 4th. and 1 trophy. I think its more than enough for a polpulation of ONLY 300 thousand. (three hundred thousand) Its way less than a population small town of the big india.

    we all also know the maldivian president never give important to their football team. never show up even untill people talks about that. its very differnt from their former old president who founded the South asian association for regional corperation ( SAARC)

    To My friend abey:
    India wasn’t qualified for the world cup. they were invited for the first world cup. and they refused to play with the shoe where the rules said no one can play without the shoe.

    best of luck for both the teams. i guess maldives will steal the trophy again 2-1

  7. Mohamed Nasheed(Anni) Says:

    I really happy my team reach final, without much difficulties. If my team win in the final, I am going to give a reward to each offical of the team. I will give a million rufiya to each offical and a player. I will keep this promis untill they win the tournment.

  8. ziad Says:

    if India try to play modern football passing game, I m sure , it could be possible for them to play in world cup soon. coz the govt could provide all the resources and they hav enough manpower. just need a concentration to football.

  9. Mohamed Zuhair Says:

    Being the press secretary, I honestly would say that this is the work of the government. We had invested a lost this year in foot ball. I believe, Maldives will continue winning the cup, if Maldivian Democratic Party is in power.

  10. coach kanu Says:

    Giant India Vs Tiny Maldives ? The game is not about population ratio or amount of money invested. But the dedication of the players. Maldive team is showing the need for title. Maldives learned soccer from Srilankan gru’s but today they are far better then the gru’s. Like they say now England have a history of winning soccer.. Tomorrow I don’t want Indians to say “Maldives have a history of winning the regions games for many decades or so” but I want them to wake up and go along with us!

  11. Abbey Says:

    The first World Cup was the only one without qualification. Every country affiliated with FIFA was invited to compete, and given a deadline of 28 February 1930 to accept. And India has accepted that invitation and therefore Indian team was qualified as like any other team.

    However India, withdrew after qualifying, because most of Indian player does not wear shoe and FIFA would not allow the team to play barefoot.

  12. Gaumuge himaaru Says:

    I think its rather sad that some commenters here are using this national happy moment as a political situation to pretend to be the opposing party and act all funny

  13. Hasnnain Says:

    India had qualifie dfor 1950 world cup which was held in Brazil…
    Read this carefully…You people should do some proper seacrh before saying anythin..Ignorance is a sin…

    Thirteen finalists
    That there were only 13 teams in Brazil was down to the absence of countries from eastern Europe and a series of high-profile withdrawals, notably from Argentina and France – the latter in objection to an itinerary that would have involved a 3,500km journey between fixtures.

    While England were present for the first time after winning the British Home Championship, Scotland – who earned the right to travel after finishing second – declined the opportunity, as did another qualified team, Turkey. India, meanwhile, said no because FIFA would not let them play in bare feet. Uruguay were among five South American participants who had not played a single qualifier between them.

  14. simpleimran Says:

    Hope to see Maldives in FIFA World CUp Soooon!

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