Bangladesh take on rival India in Saff 2009 Semifinal

Posted on 10 December 2009 by FootballFan

Bangladesh vs India SAFF Championship Semi Final 2009

Bangladesh vs India SAFF Championship Semi Final 2009

Bangladesh will be looking to block the aerial route of the comparatively taller Indians in the second semi-final of the Bangabandhu SAFF Championship starting at 7:30pm at the BNS today.

The memories of Motiur Munna’s golden goal that helped Bangladesh defeat India 2-1 in the semi-final of 2003 when they won the title will inspire Bangladesh to repeat the feat. In the past five editions of the SAFF Championship, India overpowered Bangladesh 3-0 in 1997 and the match in 1999 ended goalless. In 2005, it was 1-1 in the group match but the Indians beat Bangladesh 2-0 in the final.

The Indians were seen using the flanks in their three group matches for launching the attacks and trying to take advantage of their height. Bangladesh coach Shahidur Rahman Shantoo was preparing his team to face the crucial challenge in a changed circumstance.

‘Semi-final is a knockout match and there is no scope of committing any mistake, the team will be aware of it and taking the opponents lightly can cause the danger,’ said Shantoo.

The coach elaborated the three-step scheme. ‘We divided our matches into three phases – the group stage, the semi-finals and the final, we achieved our first target now we are in the second phase.

Bangladesh Football coach Shantoo and skipper Aminul

Bangladesh Football coach Shantoo and skipper Aminul

‘We hope to achieve it too and move into the final, the third and final phase of our target,’ said Shantoo.

Skipper Aminul Haque’ disclosed the feelings of his fellow colleagues. ‘They are united and committed, we are determined to win the title, playing against whom is not a concern, my team is ready to fight to win,’ said the skipper.

Bangladesh registered a 4-1 win over Bhutan, drew goalless with Pakistan and beat Sri Lanka 2-1 to emerge as the champions of Group B.

‘All my players have been tested and they have gelled together, I just want the level they have produced in the past three matches and I hope it will be enough,’ said Shantoo.

The coach will be expecting his strike duo of Enamul, the highest scorer with four goals, and Emily will be able to dismantle the Indian fort led by goalkeeper Arindam Bhattacharya.

Indian coach Sukhwinder Singh’s plans were hit a big blow as two of his reliable midfielders, Jagpreet Singh and Manish Mathani, were ruled out of the semi-final with injuries and forward Balwant Singh is suspended because of the red card he saw against Maldives.

‘Both Jagpreet and Manish are unavailable but we have to look forward with the available resources, Bangladesh played good football but we aim to win the match,’ said the veteran coach.

Sukhwinder claimed Bangladesh’s performances in the group fixtures had been inconsistent and he is not bothered about the advantage the home team will enjoy.

‘They did not play well against Pakistan but fared well in the other two, in modern football home advantage does not play a big role, the main thing is to play better football,’ explained Sukhwinder.

‘All my players are professional and accustomed to playing in different circumstances, I hope that they produce the teamwork to unsettle the home team,’ concluded Sukhwinder.

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  1. Md. Nayeem Hasan Says:

    Ok, shukhendar, We’ll see. . . .:-@

  2. farhan Says:

    bangladesh lost. but remind you bangladesh fought really well. They had possession of the ball and made quite a few chances. I think bangladesh lacked in defence and also in a pure scorrer. Indians never deserved a chance even in the semi final. but somehow they are in the final. but I am very positive about bangladesh football now. it seems to be on the right track. there are still things to be sorted out. Football need somemore overhaul.

  3. farhan Says:

    coach Shahidur Rahman’s comments

    About match:

    I don’t want to say anything about the match; we lost the game, that’s all. I don’t know what happened to the boys in the field. The boys did not play well today. They were looking tired. India earned a free kick and they got the all important goal from it.

    About performance:

    I don’t understand why they didn’t play well. Their preparation was well. What I told them in the practice, they failed to show it in the field. They were committed in the practice but they presented different scenario in the match. I don’t know what was happening.

    About the crowd:

    Many days after we saw big crowed and we are sorry for them. I am happy that the people come back in the field but I am sorry for they were disappointed. In the game somebody must win and somebody has to lose. Everybody can’t win in a game together.

    About pressure:

    I won’t say anything. One or two players may be in pressure but whole team should not play like that. They were totally failure. I don’t what the reasons were.

    Indian coach Sukhwinder Singh’s comments:

    About match:

    Yesterday I told my team to be in the final and we did it. Our opponent was not able to play according to their plan and the better team of the day won the match.

    About performance:

    Boys played well today. But we played first two games as usual. Today they played as planned. The boys proved their worth in the field. We expected to play the final. We got chances and we made it.

  4. Misbah Says:

    Throughtout the whole tournament bangladesh never played well. They shouldn’t have realesed former manager DIDO, because, he knew who’s going to give 100% for the country,, he had a vision, he was making a team for the future. Look at the indian team, they came out with under 23 squad, they didnt suck their coach did they? As a result they’re in the final and getting valuable experience for their future.

    I think bangladesh should look a their neighbour countries, they need to start building a team for the future.

    One other thing i would like to mention is that, in england there are lots of bangladeshi footballer are passionate about football, in fact in england ther’s a bangladeshi league which consists of more than 20 team i guess. It might be usefull if BFF consider some of those talented palyer playing for bangladesh national team..(just a siggestion)

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