Bangladesh can be a good footballing nation

Posted on 08 December 2009 by FootballFan

Zoran Djordjevic

Zoran Djordjevic

Serbian coach Zoran Djordjevic believes Bangladesh has all the ingredients of becoming a good footballing nation, but it has still to take the step on the highway of modern football.

The Serbian coach was speaking at the Bangabandhu National Stadium on Monday. ‘I have some idea on Bangladesh football as I have worked in India.

‘Bangladesh has the ingredients of becoming a developed footballing nation, you know why? Because Bangladesh has the love for the game and it has a large population. You can’t buy these two with money,’ said Zoran.

The Serbian emphasised on the football management. ‘The second important thing is proper management. I have visited Dhaka Abahani and Dhaka Mohammedan. Sorry to say that the top two clubs of the country have nothing to be regarded as a modern football club.

‘No youth development programme, no physical endurance facilities, how can you expect to develop football,’ queried Zoran.

However, he had his own answers regarding the development of the game. ‘From the top level of the government and in the grassroots everybody has to be committed for developing the game.

‘The rural clubs must enjoy at least some facilities so that they can contribute towards the development,’ said the Serbian.

‘Football is a big investment and for its development you need to take a scientific approach and people who will dig out the gas and petrol from the deep of the land.

‘We Serbians are accustomed to helping the development. You may ask why? One example is enough. Once there was only one national football team in Yugoslavia but now it has split into seven national teams. Among them Serbia have qualified for the World Cup. Croatia are in the top bracket of world football,’ said Zoran.

However, he did not disclose his thoughts regarding Bangladesh job. ‘I am here to observe and watch. AFC president Hammam and others said to me that this country has the passion to be a top football nation. I am observing and enjoying.

‘That’s all I can say at the moment,’ concluded Zoran.

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